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Illuminating the world's signage industry with top quality LED products 

About us

NC LED strives to be the answer for all your needs for outdoor and indoor LED signage with confidence in the energy efficiency and quality. Ever since the foundation in 2006, we have been assisting businesses with our trustworthy LED products.

NC LED took its first step in Korea. However, just within 3 years of establishment, we lucratively expanded to international markets, including American. European, and Middle Eastern countries. We proved the high standards for our products over the years, and proudly can highlight our nearly zero defect rate, thanks to  fully automated production facility.


We attribute our confidence in the 3 operating factories and teams of highly motivated people. Each team develops and produces products that highlights their expertise. We place our modules through 3 different chamber tests: thermal resistance, low-temperature resistance, and humidity resistance to fully satisfy the IP68 rating for all our modules.


Make the decision to brighten up your business today with NC LED.  

Internationally trusted high-quality and dependable modules.​

Why NC LED? 

Wide range of products with varied price and performance options to satisfy any LED needs. 

Fully controlled system from design to packing to ensure consistency and quality. 

Strict quality control for products that are always reliable. 

Automated production facility with nearly 0% defect rate in modules. 

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