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The US branch office is located in New Jersey, and currently manages North, Central, and South America. US branch office operates a fully stocked warehouse that enables direct shipping to the entire North and South American Continent. The US branch is staffed with experienced LED professionals from the industry to provide you with exceptional and swift customer assistance that is just a phone call or an email away.

US Branch Office located in NJ 

NC LED Headquarters

Founded in 2006, NC LED headquarters is located in Seoul, Korea.

For over 10 years, NC LED lucratively expanded and successfully operated in over 30 countries all over Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East, and Australia. Seoul HQ manages the overall worldwide marketing, builds strategy for sales, and supplies the worldwide team with full support.  

Headquarters located in Seoul, Korea

Korean Factory

Factory located in Korea 

Monthly capacity of 7 million modules and with 150 employees, NC LED's Factory in Korea takes pride in the rigorous quality control program and fully automated production facility that ensures not only excellence in both quality and energy efficiency,  but also nearly zero defect rate in modules. The R&D team also continuously analyzes and improves NC LED products to guarantee the highest quality with the latest technology. The Korean factory produces various product lines such as LED modules, SMPS, and commercial lighting to provide the complete solution for all your LED needs. Our factories are also capable of custom productions, certified to be the best fit for your company's needs. (Please contact our US branch office for consultation)  

Viet Nam Factory

Established in 2016 due to high demand, NC LED's Vietnam factory has capacity of 6.5 million modules and operated by 200 employees. The Vietnam factory specializes in production of V2 Series and currently expanding to accommodate more varied line of products. Our Vietnam factory enabled us to be able to provide comparative price in the competitive and aggressive market without compromising any quality.  

Factory located in Viet Nam  

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